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Supply Chain Consulting Services

Bridgefield Group consulting services provide quick turnaround, high-payback benefits associated with specific improvement projects, not open-ended engagements. Our diverse industry experience and background allows us to deliver the education that provides new concepts, the methods to translate concepts into practical daily application and the change project expertise that ensures a successful transition. Our Assess-Define-Execute-Sustain methodology is designed not to create a one-time event, but to generate the knowledge transfer and process change that allows ongoing continuous improvement and self-sufficiency. Our areas of expertise include:

Customized Supply Chain Education

The Bridgefield Group has delivered over 32000 student-hours of public and on site education in ERP, supply chain, performance management and other topics. We provide both the conceptual background, and the industry experience that translates those concepts into daily practice. Our customized course offerings include the following:

ERP and SCM Software Selection

As the ERP market has matured, differences in product functionality between packages has narrowed and there is a variety of information available about the major vendors. So why use a consulting firm to assist your evaluation? Whether you're just starting, or have already constructed a short list we can help: