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About the Bridgefield Group

Let the Bridgefield Group help you through the ERP maze

The Bridgefield Group provides the concepts and theory that enable new methods of thinking, and the industry experience to turn theory into ongoing practices that directly improve your bottom line. Our consulting and education services help you improve quality, reduce cycle time, identify value-added internal processes and candidates for outsourcing and develop performance management systems that keep your progress on track. We average over 20 years of experience in planning, operations, quality, logistics, finance, IT, project management, consulting and with software vendors. Our areas of expertise include:

Our methodology

We not only help our clients implement lean practices, we employ them in our own consulting methodology. We specialize in quick turnaround, high-payback assignments focused on specific, incremental improvements, not open-ended projects that often don't have your best interests at heart. We always integrate the people, process and technology aspects in any improvement project, and couple the planning and execution phases using our four part methodology: